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High drive force density electromagnetic linear actuator for short-term operation


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High drive force density electromagnetic linear actuator for short-term operation
Tan CaoChang SiqinLiu LiangDai JianguoGu Chunrong
School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
high drive force density electromagnetic linear actuators direct drive short-term operation
TP215; TM359.4
In order to make the drive force density of the electromagnetic linear actuator in short-term operation meet the requirements of aerospace,vehicle and other fields,the prototype is studied deeply to improve the density of the driving force and the performance potential of the moving coil electromagnetic linear actuator in short-term operation.The relationship between the objective effective current and the sustainable working time is analyzed based on the temperature-electromagnetic two-way coupling finite element analysis model,as well as the performance and the failure of the actuator with the high drive force density in short-term operation.Through constructing the actuator performance testing system,the temperature rise and the output force of the actuators are tested and the results and simulation analysis are matched.The results show that the prototype actuator's drive force density in short-term operation can achieve 830 N/kg in more than 0.5 s,which is 6 times the maximum driving force density of the continuous operation.


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