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Quantitative stability of quadrotor unmanned aerial vechicle during yawing


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Quantitative stability of quadrotor unmanned aerial vechicle during yawing
Liu Yunping12Li Xianying1Wang Tianmiao2Zhang Yonghong1Mei Ping1
1.College of Information and Control,Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Nanjing 210044,China; 2.College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation,Beihang University,Beijing 100191,China
quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicles mechanical structure quantification stability Lyapunov exponents
The reasonable configuration of structural parameters and dynamic parameters of the quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicles is helpful for improving the stability and saving the energy consumption.In view of that the qualitative analysis is still the main methods for analyzing the stability while the index of quantitative analysis of the structural stability is hard to establish,the yawing process of the quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle is investigated and the Lyapunov exponent is adopted to establish the quantification relationship of the control input and the mechanical structural parameters of quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicles with its stability.The obtained relationship of structural parameters and the energy spectrum provides the analysis basis for improving the stability of the quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicles during yawing,such as the instability and the poor endurance.Compared with the traditional method,the method of Lyapunov exponent is easier to be built and the calculation process is simpler,and it can be widely applied to the stability analysis of nonlinear system of other robots.


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