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Data acquisition method based on compressive sensing for automatic ammunition loading system


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Data acquisition method based on compressive sensing for automatic ammunition loading system
Liu XiHou BaolinYao Laipeng
School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
compressive sensing ammunition loading orthogonal matching pursuit data reconstruction
The embedded fault diagnosis machine for the automatic ammunition loading system monitors the system realtimely,collects the data by using sensors,analyzes the data,detects and isolates faults,and predicts the health of the system in the future.In order to solve the problem that the data acquisition and storage of the traditional embedded fault diagnosis machine are reducted under the severe environment,a data acquisition method based on the compressive sensing theory is proposed.The data of the coordinated action angular velocity is sampled by the down-sample mode.By using the compressive sensing theory,the data is reconstructed by the orthogonal matching pursuit(OMP)algorithm.The result shows that the OMP algorithm can recover the original data accurately,improve the accuracy,and guarantee the correctness of diagnosis and prognosis of the fault diagnosis machine.


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