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Design method of wick in combustion reactor of unmanned underwater vehicle


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Design method of wick in combustion reactor of unmanned underwater vehicle
Bai JieDang JianjunZhang Xuelei
School of Marine Science and Technology,Northwestern Polytechnical University,Xi'an 710072,China
unmanned underwater vehicles combustion reactors wicks capillary force diffusion flame
In order to solve the designing difficulty of the wick in the combustion reactor of the unmanned underwater vehicle,the designing method is proposed based on the theory of combustion and the capillary mechanics.The correlation between the wick structure parameters and the heat flux through the wick is obtained by simulation.The results show that the heat flux through the wick increases first and then decreases when the number of wire mesh rises.The pressure loss of the Li along the wick gets higher when the wire mesh number increases.The height of the Li in the wick declines when the heat flux through the wick gets intensive.The model is helpful for the wick design and can save the test time.


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