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Influence of interface instability on liquid mixing process in closed container


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Influence of interface instability on liquid mixing process in closed container
Chai Mingming1Li Lei12Lu Xiaoxia1Zhao Shoutian1
1.State Key Laboratory of NBC Protection for Civilian,Beijing 102205,China; 2.School of Aerospace Engineering,Tsinghua University,Beijing 100084,China
high-speed photography planar laser induced fluorescence interface instability Atwood numbers aspect ratios
The influence of interface instability on the liquid mixing process in a cylinder container is studied experimentally by using the high-speed photography and the planar laser induced fluorescence(PLIF)technology.The evolution of interface instability is calculated by applying the multiphase fluid flow and turbulence models.The influence of different Atwood numbers and aspect ratios on the liquid mixing processes is analyzed.The results show that the evolution of interface instability is helpful for the liquid mixing process.The mixing time increases with the increasing of Atwood numbers,meanwhile the heavy liquid is hard to be mixed on the bottom of container.Entirely,the bigger the aspect ratios are,the better the mixing effects are.As the aspect ratios decreasing,the mixing eddies are hard to form during the rolling over process of the lighter liquid,and some remains of unmixing lighter liquid exist.


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