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Node deployment model for underwear sensor network based on viscous fluid algorithm


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Node deployment model for underwear sensor network based on viscous fluid algorithm
Tian Xianghong
School of Computer Engineering,Jinling Institute of Technology,Nanjing 211169,China
underwater sensor networks node deployment fish swarm algorithm viscous fluid
The optimization of the node deployment can improve the coverage and the uniformity for underwater sensor networks.In view of shortages of the existing optimization algorithms underwater the complex environment,a new optimizing node deployment scheme for underwater sensor networks is proposed based on the viscous fluid algorithm.By this scheme,the node deployment process is modeled as the natural behavior of fluid flow and the coverage is used as the object function.Then the fish swarm optimization algorithm is adopted to optimize the deployment strategy.The simulation results show that the scheme can effectively improve the coverage and the uniformity of network and optimize the network performance.


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