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Modeling analysis of single-phase PWM rectifier based on Caputo definition


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Modeling analysis of single-phase PWM rectifier based on Caputo definition
Zheng ZhengMa FangjunWei Yanfang
School of Electrical Engineering and Automation,Henan Polytechnic University,Jiaozuo 454000,China
fractional calculus Caputo definition pulse width modulation rectifiers instantaneous power theory
Taking the single-phase pulse width modulation(PWM)rectifier as the research object,a fractional mathematical model is established here based on the mathematical theory of the Caputo definition of fractional calculus and the fact that the actual inductance and capacitance are the fractional order.By using the instantaneous power theory,the similarities and differences between the fractional order theory modeling and the integer order theory modeling are obtained for the issues of the direct current(DC)capacitor voltage of the alternating current(AC)component,the DC component,and the dynamic response time.A simulation model is builded based on the Matlab/Simulink,and the simulate results show that the DC component value does not change with the capacitance order while the peak value of the AC component and the dynamic response time change respectively.The validity and the necessity of the fractional modeling and the theoretical analysis are verified based on the semi-physical real-time simulation of the RT-lab.


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