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Color image denoising with block K-SVD dictionary learning


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Color image denoising with block K-SVD dictionary learning
Liu Xiaoman1Liu Yongmin2
1 Department of Mathematics,Southeast University,Nanjing 211189,China; 2 School of Mathematics and Statistics,Jiangsu Normal University,Xuzhou 221116,China
dictionary learning image segmentation color image denoising
The block K-singular value decomposition(K-SVD)dictionary learning algorithm for the color image denoising is contructed here.The noise is added to the color image firstly,and the image is divided into three grayscale images by the color channel,then the dictionary learning algorithms including the overcomplete discrete cosine transform(DCT)dictionary,the global trained dictionary and the adaptive dictionary are used to denoise grayscale images.With the image segmentation theory,the block K-SVD algorithm can be more effective operation for the dictionary learning.The experimental results show that,the DCT dictionary is suitable for the weak noise under the smaller weights,the global trained dictionary is suitable for the weak noise under the weight close to 1,and the adaptive dictionary is suitable for the weak noise under larger weights.


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