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Kinetic analysis of chemical effect of hydrogen addition on iso-octane flame


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Kinetic analysis of chemical effect of hydrogen addition on iso-octane flame
Luo MinyeLiu Dong
School of Energy and Powering Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing 210094,China
iso-octane hydrogen chemical effects kinetic analysis
TK16; TK91
The chemical effects of hydrogen addition on laminar premixed iso-octane flames at the atmospheric pressure are studied by the detailed kinetic analysis.The chemical effects of hydrogen addition on the mole fractions of major species,intermediates and free radicals are distinguished clearly from the dilution effects and the thermal effects.The results show that the mole fractions of CO,CO2,CH2O species,H,O,OH radicals and the CH2O intermediates decrease with the H2 addition increasing.The chemical effects of hydrogen addition promote the productions of these species and radicals,and the dilution effects and the thermal effects of H2 on diminishing the concentration of these species and radicals are dominant.The chemical effects of H2 on C2H2 mole fractions vary non-linearly with the increasing of hydrogen addition.


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