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Off-line program based robotic compliant grinding method and experiment


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Off-line program based robotic compliant grinding method and experiment
Xie Xiaohui1Sun Lining1Cheng Yuan23
1.Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Institute,Soochow University,Suzhou 215001,China; 2.State Key Lab of DMET,Wuhan 430074,China; 3.Suzhou Huikong Intelligent Technology Co Ltd,Suzhou 215123,China
robots off-line program grinding passive compliance faucets
A six-axis robotic grinding machine with the off-line programm method is proposed here.The grinding program produced by the robotic off-line programm software is used for the sophiscated surface grinding.This method can be described as follows.The distance between the six-axis robot and the grinding tool is calibrated in the off-line program software and the points of grinding locus are produced by the software.Then three dimensional model of the machine,the tool and the grinding points are set up,and the model is loaded into the off-line program software.According to the input of the user,the grinding program can be produced by the off-line program software.Some experiments on the zinic-alloy faucet prove the effectiveness of the grinding machine with the off-lineprogramming method.


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