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Attitude control for flexible spacecraft with nonlinear internal model compensation


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Attitude control for flexible spacecraft with nonlinear internal model compensation
Zhong ChenxingGuo YuGuo JianZhu Zhihao
School of Automation,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
nonlinear internal model compensation flexible spacecrafts attitude control disturbance rejection vibration suppression internal model principle
TP273; V448.22
A novel robust attitude controller with nonlinear internal model compensation is proposed for the disturbance rejection and vibration suppression problems of flexible spacecraft attitude control.A novel nonlinear dynamic disturbance compensator is designed via internal model principle aiming at achieving asymptotic rejection to the time-varying disturbances generated by a nonlinear exosystem.A robust attitude controller is proposed to stabilize flexible modes based on angular velocity feedback control by analyzing the characteristic of the interconnected structure of rigid-flex system and using Lyapunov technique,and the convergence of the system state variables including flexible modal variables is guaranteed.The proposed controller is easy to be implemented because only the attitude angle and angular velocity other than modal variables are applied.The effectiveness and robustness of the controller are demonstrated by numerical simulation for flexible spacecraft attitude control.


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