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Dead band scheduling and control co-design method for uncertain networked control systems


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Dead band scheduling and control co-design method for uncertain networked control systems
Xie RonghuaFan WeihuaWang ChongChen Qingwei
School of Automation,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
networked control systems dead band scheduling co-design multiple-input multiple-output quality of service discrete linear system observer feedback controller cone complement linearization
A novel scheduling and control co-design method for a multiple input multiple output(MIMO)networked control system with uncertainties is proposed here.A dead band scheduling strategy is applied to the MIMO networked control system to improve quality of service(QoS),and the control system is modeled as a discrete linear system with uncertainties and delay.An observer and feedback controller is proposed to deal with the network induced delay.The sufficient condition for asymptotically stable and a controller design iteration approach are delivered using the Lyapunov function and cone complement linearization.An iterative algorithm for threshold optimization based on the bisection method is given to optimize the dead band threshold.Numerical simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of this method.


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