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Modified firefly algorithm and its engineering applications


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Modified firefly algorithm and its engineering applications
Yin Huayi1Zhu Shunzhi1Liu Lizhao1Zhang Qianhong2
1.School of Computer and Information Engineering,Xiamen University of Technology, Xiamen 361024,China; 2.School of Mathematics and Statistics,Guizhou University of Finance and Economics,Guizhou 550025,China
firefly algorithm opposite learning Gaussian chaos disturbance engineering optimization
A modified firefly algorithm is proposed aiming at the disadvantages of firefly algorithm such as premature convergence,slow convergence speed at a later stage and low solving precision.The individual location of groups is initialized by using the opposite learning strategy.Convergence speed and solving precision are improved by using Rosenbrock search.Premature convergence is prevented by using a Gaussian chaos disturbance on the global optimum individual of each generation.Six standard functions are selected for simulation experiments,and two standard engineering applications are solved.The results show that this modified firefly algorithm has good global optimization performance.


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