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Improved approximate pattern matching algorithm with variable length wildcards


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Improved approximate pattern matching algorithm with variable length wildcards
Wang HaoWang Chi
School of Computer and Information,Hefei University of Technology,Hefei 230009,China
variable length wildcards approximate pattern matching dynamic programming text-pattern reversion
A heuristic text-pattern reversion algorithm is proposed for the low result quality and losing solution problems of traditional approximate pattern matching algorithms for variable length wildcards.The starting position of the substrings meeting the matching condition is searched and the candidate sets are partitioned based on dynamic programming and text-pattern reversion.The optimal solution of matching substrings is screened by obtaining the initial solution,dividing and assembling the sets optimally.Compared with the similar dynamic programming(DP)and Sail-Approx algorithms,the experimental results show that the average growth rate of the solution of this algorithm is improved by 21.9%.


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