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Accurate adaptive extracting algorithm of cross laser stripe center for real-time 3D scanning


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Accurate adaptive extracting algorithm of cross laser stripe center for real-time 3D scanning
Yao Haibin1Weng Jinping2Cheng Xiaosheng2Cui Haihua2
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,Yangzhou Polytechnic College,Yangzhou 225009,China; 2.School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing 210016,China
three dimensional scanning cross laser laser scanning gradient threshold gradient images histograms center extraction
A cross laser stripe center extracting algorithm is proposed based on an adaptive gradient threshold and Harrise corner point tracking algorithm for the universality of laser scanning.A binary threshold is determined adaptively using a gradient image histogram,and the laser edge is found and the initial position of stripes is calculated.The sub-pixel positions of the cross laser stripe center are calculated using the Hessian matrix,and the cross point of the cross laser stripes is extracted.The cross point of real-time three dimensional(3D)scanning is extracted using Harrise corner point tracking algorithm and two laser stripes are separated,and the object space of the cross laser stripes is rebuilt.Experimental results show that this algorithm is robust; the error of this algorithm is less than 0.05 pixel; it takes 2 ms to process one frame by GPU acceleration.


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