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Experimental investigation and numerical simulation ofsmall-scale gas-liquid two-phase pulse detonation engine(PDF)


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Experimental investigation and numerical simulation ofsmall-scale gas-liquid two-phase pulse detonation engine
Pan XiaoWeng Chunsheng
National Key Lab of Transient Physics,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
small-scale pulse detonation engine gas-liquid two-phase multi-cycle detonation experiment numerical simulation
To explore the working characteristics of small-scale pulse detonation engine(SPDE),a series of experiments and numerical simulations are carried out on SPDE.A gas-liquid small-scale pulse detonation rocket engine is designed with 30 mm inner diameter and a total length of 900 mm.The characteristics of pressure wave in detonation tube at different ignition frequencies are studied by using gasoline as fuel.Multi-cycle detonation experiments show that SPDE can work stably and continuously under the frequency range of 10~40 Hz,and the average pressure of detonation wave is between 2~3 MPa; with the increase of frequency,the peak pressure and the average pressure are reduced.Two-dimensional CE/SE method is used to simulate the propagation characteristics of detonation wave in gas-liquid two-phase SPDE,and the calculation results are in good agreement with the experimental results.The research results are significant to the study of SPDE atomization,mixing and the realization of high frequency SPDE.


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