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Movement target tracking algorithm by using Gaussian mixture model(PDF)


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Movement target tracking algorithm by using Gaussian mixture model
Du Juan1Wu Fenfen2
1.Information Engineering Department,Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute,Kaifeng 475004,China; 2.Department of Traffic Information Engineering,Henan Vocational andTechnical College of Communication,Zhengzhou 451400,China
Gaussian mixture model target tracking wireless sensor node nodes collaboration mean shift algorithm simulation experiment
Video object tracking is a key technology in computer vision research,and current video target tracking algorithms has defects such as low tracking precision,poor real-time,a novel video object tracking algorithm based on Gaussian Mixture model is proposed in this paper.Firstly,wireless sensor network is used to collect target information,and secondly Gaussian Mixture model is used to model video background while mean shift algorithm is used to track the target,finally,video object tracking simulation experiment is carried out on VC 6.0++.The results show that the propose algorithm can improve accuracy of video target tracking and fasten tracking speed which has good robustness to occlusion and illumination change,it has better performance than other video target tracking algorithms and has higher practical value.


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