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Efficient compression propagating and querying method forsensor data lineage(PDF)


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Efficient compression propagating and querying method forsensor data lineage
Wu Zhuanhua1Pan Li23Wang Yongli3
1.Department of Electromechanical Engineering,Changzhou Textile Garment Institute,Changzhou 213164,China; 2.Staff of PLA Rocket Force,Beijing 100085,China; 3.School of Computer Science and Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
sensor data lineage compressed sensing column storage temporal and spatial correlation approximate query
In order to analyze the reason that generates the abnormal data in sensor network applications effectively and to construct the tracing chain,we propose a transmission and storage method based on compressed sensing and column stored theory for the sensor data lineage,called CPSQSDL(Compressed propagating,storing and querying of sensor data lineage),in this paper.We analyze the temporal and spatial correlation among the sensor data lineages of events,and find a suitable randomized projection observation matrix to ensure that k-term optimal reconstruction error.We describe the formal definition of compressed sensor lineage and design an algorithm for querying approximate lineage and formal proof of its error boundary.Experiments on the real data set prove the effectiveness of the proposed method.


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