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Video-based abnormal crowd behavior detection on bus(PDF)


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Video-based abnormal crowd behavior detection on bus
Shen ZhengWu Wei
College of Internet of Things Engineering,Jiangnan University,Wuxi 214122,China
anomalous crowd region of interest moving target detection corner detection optical flow
In order to strengthen the bus safety precautions,this paper presents an image processing based detection algorithm to detect the anomalous crowd behavior which mainly refers to the rapid flow of the crowd in the bus.According to the trajectory of passengers,region of interest is determined.Moving targets are extracted and data processing range is reduced with an improved ViBe algorithm.The Shi-Tomasi corner detection algorithm is used to extract keypoints.Through pyramid Lucas-Kanade optical flow with correction coefficients,speed information is collected to recognize anomalous behavior.Experimental results show that the improved ViBe algorithm has more robustness to illumination than the ViBe algorithm and the accuracy of the proposed algorithm is more than 86.4%.


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