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Millimeter wave radar detection in power line based ondecision tree classification(PDF)


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Millimeter wave radar detection in power line based ondecision tree classification
Jiang Bin12Li Chaoying3Li Zongyu3Yang Bo2Sun Xiaobin2
1.State Grid Shandong Electric Power Research Institute,Jinan 250000,China; 2.State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company,Jinan 250000,China; 3.Shandong Luneng Intelligent Technology Co.Ltd,Jinan 250101,China
millimeter wave radar Bragg scattering power line detection Hough transform MATLAB simulation decision tree classification
Aiming at the safety problem caused by the power line of helicopter in low altitude flight,this paper presents a method of millimeter-wave radar detection of power line based on decision tree classification.Based on the Bragg scattering characteristics of power line,this paper studies the Hough transform’s power line detection method,and proposes a classification scheme based on decision tree classifier to extract the information of power line target which needs to be detected.Finally,the effectiveness of the method is verified by MATLAB simulation.Simulation results show that the proposed method is simple and effective,and has high detection probability and low false alarm probability.


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