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Exit decision model of public rental housing based on2-order additive fuzzy measures(PDF)


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Exit decision model of public rental housing based on2-order additive fuzzy measures
Chang Zhipeng 1Cheng Longsheng2Lu Shizhan2Wang Xianzhu1
1.School of Business,Anhui University of Technology,Maanshan 243002,China; 2.School of Economics & Management,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
2-order additive fuzzy measures interval-valued Choquet fuzzy integral triangular fuzzy number public rental housing exit decision invisible income
To solve the exit problem of public rental housing,this paper presents an exit decision model based on 2-order additive fuzzy measures from the evaluation perspective of invisible income.In the exit decision model,triangular fuzzy numbers are used to describe fuzzy grade and triangular fuzzy numbers are simplified with λ cut sets.This paper proposes an identification method of 2-order additive fuzzy measures based on weights and correlation coefficients of experts.The feasibility of the exit decision model is proved theoretically.The traditional Choquet fuzzy integral is improved and the interval-valued Choquet fuzzy integral based on optimization model is proposed.An illustrative example shows that the exit decision model this paper proposed can be applied to solve the exit problem of public rental housing communities.


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