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Composite body structure optimization based on responsesurface approximation method(PDF)


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Composite body structure optimization based on responsesurface approximation method
Wang Meng12Zhang He1Wang Xiaofeng1He Yunfeng1Shi Yan1He Boxia1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China2.Shanghai Information Technology Research Institute,Shanghai 201109,China
composite body structure mass parameters vehicle dynamics response surface approximation method optimization design
Due to the special performance requirements on the composite body structure,the shape and the material of the composite body are quite different from that of the common body,and the change of body quality parameters,such as the mass and the centroid position,has negative impact on the vehicle steering stability.Through taking the shape parameters β12 and h of the composite body structure as the design variables,the nonlinear relationship between the steering stability,the body internal space and the quality of body with the design variables is established by using the dynamic modeling and the analysis of the vehicle and the response surface approximation method,and the design variables are optimized by using the target programming algorithm.The optimization results show that,compared with the preliminary design,the serpentine score of the condition of stability control by the method in this paper increases by 22% with the expense of the internal space part of the body,and the body mass decreases by 30 kg.


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