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Interior ballistic process for high-pressure air oflaunching corner reflector(PDF)


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Interior ballistic process for high-pressure air oflaunching corner reflector
Shuai Chao1Liao GuichaoZhang YangxinDong ShicuiWen HaiGuo Shengyu
Yichang Testing Technique Research Institue,Yichang 443000,China
ships corner reflectors high-pressure air launch interior ballistic
The inflatable corner reflector is an important ship equipment for radar jamming and decoying,and its launching from the ship is the first step for usage.The experimental apparatus of the launching inflatable corner reflector is set up in this paper,the launching performance of the inflatable corner reflector is tested,and the combined models of the air flow from gas bottles and the interior ballistic process of the inflatable corner reflector are obtained.The suitability of the models are verified using the experimental data,and then the influences of several factors on the interior ballistic process characteristics are studied comprehensively.The results show that,with the increase of the volume,the pressure and the exit diameter of the gas bottles,the launch time is shortened; the proper increase of the initial free volume of the tube is benefit for launching; the friction coefficient and the pretightening force have little effect on the interior ballistic process; the increase of the corner reflector mass significantly increases the recoil but has little effects on the launch time and the outlet velocity.


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