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Active disturbance rejection control method of active frontwheel steering and active suspension system of vehicle(PDF)


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Active disturbance rejection control method of active frontwheel steering and active suspension system of vehicle
Sang Nan12Wei Minxiang1
1.College of Energy and Power Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing 210016,China; 2.School of Mechanical & Vehicle Engineering,Changzhou Institute ofTechnology,Changzhou 213002,China
active disturbance rejection control active front wheel steering active suspension system steering road feel steering sensitivity ride comfort
U461.4; U461.6
In order to realize the integration and decoupling control of the active front wheel steering(AFS)system and the active suspension system(ASS),the active disturbance rejection(ADR)method for integrated control of two subsystems is proposed.The active disturbance rejection controllers(ADRC)of the AFS and the ASS are designed and the double lane change test is carried out under the road disturbance input.The path tracking performance,the steering road feel,the steering sensitivity and the ride performance of vehicle are studied,and the characteristics of the integrated control system is analyzed by comparing with the system without control and the AFS-only/ASS-only system.The results show that the ADR integrated control of the AFS and the ASS can improve steering performances and comfortable performances,and increase the handling stability and the ride comfort.The design of the ADRC needs no accurate mathematical models and the interference suppression needs no disturbance models,the control method is simply and in good robustness.The decoupling control between the steering and suspension and the suspension each other can be easily realized by the ADR method.


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