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Study on crashworthiness and reliability of compositebamboo-like thin-walled tube(PDF)


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Study on crashworthiness and reliability of compositebamboo-like thin-walled tube
Wu Hequan12Mao Hongfeng1Hou Haibin1
1.Key Laboratory of Lightweight and Reliability Technology for Engineering Vehicle,College ofHunan Province,Changsha University of Science and Technology,Changsha 410114,China; 2.State Key Laboratory of Advanced Design and Manufacturing for Vehicle Body
bamboo-like thin-walled tubes composite materials crashworthiness reliability optimization
In order to improve the crashworthiness of the thin-walled energy absorption tube,the bamboo-like thin-walled tubes with steel,aluminum and composite materials incorporated are designed.The finite element method is adopted to simulate the axial impact of the bamboo-like thin-walled tube for analyzing the energy absorption effect of the three kinds of material tubes when the collision happens.The result shows that the glass fiber/epoxy resin composite material bamboo-like thin-walled tube is the best for energy absorption.To improve the crashworthiness and the reliability of the thin-walled tube,the design of experiments,the response surface model,the reliability theory,and the optimization algorithm are combined to obtain the optimum structure of the bamboo-like thin-walled tube.The results show that the method combining the bionic design,the composite material,the comprehensive reliability theory and the optimization algorithm is useful for improving the crashworthiness of the thin-walled tube.


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