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Preparation of GAP elastomer under low cross-linking degree andits mechanical property in wide temperature range(PDF)


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Preparation of GAP elastomer under low cross-linking degree andits mechanical property in wide temperature range
Hu Yiwen1Zhou Weiliang1Xiao Leqin1Tian Shuchun2
1.School of Chemical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Xi’an North Huian Chemical Industry Co Ltd,Xi’an 710302,China
glycidyl azide polymer polyurethane elastomer energetic binder
TQ323; V512
The glycidyl azide polymer(GAP)polyurethane elastomer with better mechanical properties are prepared by taking the trimethylolpropane(TMP)as the cross-linking agent under the condition of low cross-linking degree.The structure of the GAP elastomer is characterized by the Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy(FT-IR)and the wide X-ray diffraction(WXRD).The thermal and mechanical properties in the wide temperature range are investigated by the dynamic mechanic analysis(DMA),the universal testing machine,the Shore durometer,and the thermogravimetric(TG)analysis.The results reveal that the prepared GAP elastomers have typical features of azido-typed polyether-based polyurethane and good thermal stability.The slightly cross-linked structure promotes the mechanical properties in the room temperature effectively and reduces the degree of creep in high temperature observably,but makes the storage modulus and the Tg rise slightly.Among the samples,GAP-T0.06 samples with the tensile strength 27.1 MPa,the elongation strength 750%,the Tg -16.0 ℃ and the HA Shore-A hardness 72.1 exhibit better mechanical properties.


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