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Preparation technique of microcapsulated red phosphorusand its thermostability(PDF)


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Preparation technique of microcapsulated red phosphorusand its thermostability
Liu JieGuan HuaSong Dongming
School of Chemical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
microcapsulated red phosphorus aluminium hydroxide/melamine-formaldehyde resin hygroscopicity thermostability single factor tat
In order to reduce the hygroscopicity of red phosphorus and improve its thermostability,the aluminium hydroxide/melamine-formaldehyde resin microcapsulated red phosphorus(MRP)is successfully prepared.The process of preparing the coated red phosphorus is optimized by the single factor test.The coating layer of the red phosphorus is characterized by the Fourier transform infrared(FTIR)spectrometer and the scanning electron microscopy(SEM).The thermostability of the red phosphorus(RP)and the MRP is investigated by the thermogravimetric analysis-differential thermal analysis(TG-DTA)in air atmosphere.Results show that the optimal process parameters for preparing the coated red phosphorus are,the mass of the aluminum nitrate nonahydrate 0.10 g,the total mass of the formaldehyde and melamine 0.40 g,the molar ratio of the formaldehyde and the melamine 3:1,the reaction temperature 80 ℃,the reaction time 1 h.Under these optimal process parameters,the moisture absorption ratio of MRP reduces 96.88%(the greatest reduction),the mass fraction of coating materials is below 5%,and the coating materials on the surface of the red phosphorus are in good conditions.Compared with the RP,the initial temperture,the peak temperture and the end temperature of the MRP reaction increase 42.8 ℃,51.7 ℃ and 48.4 ℃ respectively,and the autoignition temperature of the MRP increases 58.8 ℃,indicating that the thermostability of the MRP is superior to that of the RP.


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