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Novel approach in maneuvering target tracking based onsupport vector regression(PDF)


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Novel approach in maneuvering target tracking based onsupport vector regression
Lai ShaofaLiu Huajun
School of Computer Science and Engineering,Nanjing University of Scienceand Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
maneuvering target tracking support vector regression automotive millimeter-wave radars
Aiming at the problem that the motion modeling,the control input modeling and the noise modeling of the intense maneuvering target is not so accurate that bringing out the low accuracy in the automotive radar target tracking task,a novel method based on the support vector regression(SVR)for the manuevering target tracking is proposed here.Through the online learning on the Frobenius norm of the residuals of theory innovation covarivance matrix and the actual innovation covariance maxtrix based on the constant accleration(CA)model,a scaling factor of the process noise covariance matrix is estimated to correct the previous motion model and the noise model in real time.Experiments indicate that the approach has the low dependency on the motion model and the noise model,is far superior to the constant acceleration model(CA),and it has higher accuracy and adaption than the Singer model.


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