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Multi-sensor fault-tolerant fusion algorithm usingunscented information filter(PDF)


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Multi-sensor fault-tolerant fusion algorithm usingunscented information filter
Yang ChunGuo JianZhang LeiChen Qingwei
School of Automation,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
unscented information filter multi-sensor fault tolerant data fusion fuzzy logic Chi-square test
A new multi-sensor fault-tolerant fusion algorithm is proposed for the poor accuracy of nonlinear data fusion systems and fault detection threshold selection problem.Unscented information filters are embedded into measurement subsystems,and the linearization error is avoided because the system need not be linearized.A fault detection algorithm based on fuzzy logic is designed.The subsystem validation probability is calculated using Chi-square test.Fault subsystems are isolated adaptively according to the validation probability of the subsystem,and the difficulty of selecting fault detection threshold is solved.The proposed algorithm is applied to a strap-down inertial navigation system/beidou2/global position system(SINS/BD2/GPS)integrated navigation system,and the simulation results show the availability.


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