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Application of fuzzy adaptive predictive functional controlin magnetic levitation ball system(PDF)


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Application of fuzzy adaptive predictive functional controlin magnetic levitation ball system
Shao XuejuanMeng FanbinZhang JinggangChen Zhimei
College of Electronic Information Engineering,Taiyuan University of Science and Technology,Taiyuan 030024,China
fuzzy control adaptive control predictive functional control magnetic levitation ball system discrete fuzzy controller
A fuzzy adaptive predictive functional control(PFC)method is proposed for a linear mathematical model of a magnetic levitation ball system.A discrete fuzzy controller is designed based on the traditional PFC to adjust the time constant of the reference trajectory of the PFC online,and the self-adjustment of the reference trajectory is realized.The advantage of less computation of the traditional PFC is kept and the control performance is better.The simulations and experiments based on dSPACE show that the fuzzy adaptive PFC can make the ball achieve stable suspension in a short time,and make the system have good anti-interference.The setting time is 2.07 s,and the integral of time multiplied absolute error(ITAE)performance indicator is 10.75.


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