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Network traffic detection and analysis based on big data flow(PDF)


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Network traffic detection and analysis based on big data flow
Cheng Weihua1Zhao Jun2Wu Peng1
1.Jiangsu Electric Power Information Technology Co.,Ltd.,Nanjing 210024,China; 2.State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company,Nanjing 210029,China
data packet analysis anomaly detection big data flow network traffic detection distributed stream processing mechanism big data platform distributed storage
A new network traffic detection and analysis system is proposed for network traffic anomaly detection problem.A distributed stream processing mechanism is used to achieve a real-time detection ability.Network data distributed storage is achieved and a network protocol feature library is trained by using the distributed storage and the data computational analysis ability of a big data platform.The network system of detection and analysis gains a good performance in the business of marketing,operation and dispatching in Jiangsu Electric Power Company,and provides a good support for the analysis of various business scenarios.


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