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Multi-strategy adaptive particle swarm optimization algorithm(PDF)


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Multi-strategy adaptive particle swarm optimization algorithm
Tang Kezong1Feng Jianwen1Li Fang1Yang Jingyu2
1.School of Information Engineering,Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,Jingdezhen 333403,China; 2.Key Laboratory of Intelligent Perception and Systems for High-dimensional Information ofMinistry of Education,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
particle swarm optimization diversity-measurement real-time alternating strategy elitist learning strategy population diversity
In order to improve the efficiency of particle swarm optimization(PSO)algorithm for searching for optimal solutions,a multi-strategy adaptive particle swarm optimization(MAPSO)algorithm is proposed.A diversity-measurement strategy is developed to evaluate the population distribution.A real-time alternating strategy is performed to determine predefined evolutionary states,exploration or exploitation.During iterative optimization,the inertia weight is dynamically controlled according to the diversity of particles.An elitist learning strategy is introduced to enhance population diversity and to prevent the population from possibly falling into local optimal solutions.Experimental results show that,compared with the adaptive particle swarm optimization(APSO),comprehensive learning particle swarm optimization(CLPSO)and perturbed particle swarm optimization(PPSO),the MAPSO can substantially enhance the ability of jumping out of the local optimal solutions and significantly improve the search efficiency and convergence speed.


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