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Global path planning based on simultaneous visibility graphconstruction and A* algorithm(PDF)


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Global path planning based on simultaneous visibility graphconstruction and A* algorithm
Lv Taizhi12Zhao Chunxia1Xia Pingping2
1.School of Computer Science and Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.School of Information Engineering,Jiangsu Maritime Institute,Nanjing 211170,China
global path planning visibility graph A* algorithm path search
A novel algorithm is proposed by constructing a visibility graph(VG)in the process of path search to improve the efficiency of global path planning.In the search process,a node is selected by A* algorithm for expansion.According to the status of the node,a through line from the preview node to the node or from the node to the destination is drawn.If the line is collision-free,it is added to the VG as a visible edge,or the 2 vertices of obstacles are added to the list for expansion.Simulation results show that compared with complete visibility graph+A*,oriented visibility graph(OVG)+A* and simplified visibility graph+A*,the proposed algorithm can search the optimal path and decrease the time for path planning.


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