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Dynamic characteristic of shock wave pressure sensorbased on shock tube calibration(PDF)


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Dynamic characteristic of shock wave pressure sensorbased on shock tube calibration
Yang Fan1Kong Deren1Jiang Bo2Kong Lin3Wang Fang1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Northern HuaAn Industrial Group Co.,Ltd.,Qiqihaer 161000,China; 3.Xi’an Modern Chemistry Research Institute,Xi’an 710065,China
shock tubes calibration shock wave pressure sensors dynamic characteristics ideal step decomposition method low-order model decomposition method differential method
Dynamic characteristic non-parameter models are researched to calibrate shock wave pressure sensors.Outputs of step responses are obtained through dynamic calibration experiments using a double film shock tube.A four-step series system is simulated,and step response signals are constructed.Three dynamic characteristic non-parameter models are obtained using the ideal step decomposition method,the low-order model decomposition method and the differential method distinguishly.The differential method is more accurate and simpler.A shock wave pressure sensor is transformed using a machine to restrain parasitic effects.The dynamic characteristics of the shock wave pressure sensor before and after the transformation are calculated and compared using the differential method.The simulation results show that although the transformation can decrease thermal effects and mechanical vibration and shock,but the sensor bandwidth is narrowed,and the sensor cannot meet the without distortion conditions of engineering test.


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