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Aerodynamic characteristic analysis of small-caliber projectilewith 3-DOF deflection nosecone(PDF)


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Aerodynamic characteristic analysis of small-caliber projectilewith 3-DOF deflection nosecone
Xie ZhipingHuang XuegongYang Jianchun
School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
nosecones 3-degree-of-freedom small caliber projectiles two dimensional trajectory correction data fitting method
Aerodynamic characteristics of a small-caliber projectile are analyzed to study the two dimensional(2D)trajectory correction capability of it when its nosecone deflects with 3-degree-of-freedom(3-DOF).An elastic coordinate system and a nosecone coordinate system of the projectile are established,and the relative Euler angles of the two coordinate systems are the deflection angle and the rotation angle.The aerodynamic characteristics of the projectile nosecone in different space positions are analyzed using computational fluid dynamics(CFD)software Fluent by controlling different deflection angles and rotation angles.A mathematical model of the pitching moment coefficient and the yaw moment coefficient varying with the deflection angle and the rotation angle of the projectile nosecone is obtained using data fitting method under 5 degrees of attack angle and different deflection of the nosecone.The simulation results show that the whole projectile has good stability under the condition of no-deflection of the nosecone,and the static stability reserve is 13.54%.


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