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Text watermarking design based on invisible characters(PDF)


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Text watermarking design based on invisible characters
Zhang ZhenyuLi QianmuQi Yong
School of Computer Science and Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
text watermarking copyright protection tamper-proof information hiding invisible characters text traceability
In order to embed watermarks into text as well as to protect the content against tampering,a text watermarking method based on invisible Unicode characters is proposed.Technically,this method is independent of text layout and style and can be applied to non-formatted text watermarking.Consequently,copyright information can be encoded into a sequence of invisible characters by this method which can be embedded into the text without changing the visual appearance.Also,it is easy to obtain the author’s information from a piece of text,and more importantly,the text content is protected by the hash code in watermark.According to tests,this method is particularly applicable to the copyright protection of text transmitted over the Internet.


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