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Data sharing scheme supporting fast key updatingin the encrypted database(PDF)


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Data sharing scheme supporting fast key updatingin the encrypted database
Yan Xixi1Hu Qianwei1Li Zichen2Tang Yongli1
1.School of Computer Science and Technology,Henan Polytechnic University,Jiaozuo 454003,China; 2.Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication,Beijing 102600,China
encrypted database attribute-based encryption data share data updating
Attribute-based encryption(ABE)is an optimal choice for one-to-many data sharing in the cloud environment,and is not very efficient when data owner updates the content key dynamically.In order to solve this problem,data sharing scheme supporting fast key updating in the encrypted database is proposed.In the scheme,the data owner encrypts the data key with attribute-based encryption mechanism.In addition,re-encryption mechanism is used to support the rapid updating of the data key.In this way,it can reduce the user and server workload and improve system security.The scheme is secure against chosen plaintext attack under the decision bilinear Diffie-Hellman(DBDH)assumption in the standard model.Compared with other schemes,the length of the attribute keys and ciphertext are optimized in the scheme.The cost of data sharing and accessing is reduced,which is more suitable for the practical application of cloud environment.


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