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PID parameter optimization based on improvedbiogeography-based optimization algorithm(PDF)


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PID parameter optimization based on improvedbiogeography-based optimization algorithm
Wang Qi1Chen Juan1Li Quanshan2Liu Jichao3
1.School of Information Science and Technology,Beijing University of Chemical Technology,Beijing 100029,China; 2.Beijing Century Robust Technology Co.Ltd.,Beijing 100029,China; 3.Yanching Institute of Technology,Sanhe 065201,China
artificial domestication biogeography optimization algorithm parameter optimization
An improved biogeography-based optimization(I-BBO)algorithm is presented in order to solve the problem of biogeography-based optimization(BBO)algorithm,which has the phenomenon of easily precocious convergence in the process of optimization.Based on the biogeography,the algorithm introduces the concept of artificial domestication and the integrating artificial domestication in biogeography algorithm to solve the problem of the less ability to explore in the end of the process.Simulation experiments prove that the I-BBO algorithm improves the species diversity and enhances the search ability of the algorithm.The I-BBO algorithm is applied to set the proportion-integration-differentiation(PID)controller parameters.The simulation results of the two examples show that the I-BBO algorithm is more rapid than the BBO algorithm in the PID controller parameters optimization.


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