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Design of full-band dipole antenna for TD-LTE standard(PDF)


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Design of full-band dipole antenna for TD-LTE standard
Jin Kui12Zuo Weiqing1Zhang Enze3He Xiaoxiang1Gu Changqing1
1.College of Electronic Information Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing 210016,China; 2.Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering,Huaiyin Institute of Technology,Huai’an 223003,China; 3.Ministerial Key Laborato
arm shaping time-division long term evolution capacitor loading dual-band
To solve the problem of the multiple radiation element integration antennas which are widely used in the mobile communication system,a dual-band dipole antenna is designed and fabricated in this paper.Utilizing the method of shaped-arm,the main resonance bandwidth is broadened; utilizing extension and bending of the antenna arms,dual band is realized; utilizing capacitor loading technology,the shift of frequency is realized.The above design make the operating bands cover TD-LTE standard of domestic 4G mobile communications.Simulated and experimental results of the reflection coefficient(S11)of the antenna are in good agreement in 1.8 GHz~3.0 GHz.The frequency range with S11 of below -10 dB covers all the service bands of TD-LTE standard.Simulated and experimental results of radiation patterns at two resonance points are also in good agreement which accords with the radiation performance of dipole antennas.Besides,the antenna has a stable gain over its operating bands.


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