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Study on reasonable stop-hole shape for fatiguecrack in steel structure(PDF)


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Study on reasonable stop-hole shape for fatiguecrack in steel structure
Yuanzhou ZhiyuanJi BohaiFu Zhongqiu
College of Civil and Transportation Engineering,Hohai University,Nanjing 210098,China
steel structures fatigue cracks stop-holes stress concentration lumbar round shapes
O343; U441
In order to improve the effectiveness of the fatigue crack stop-hole for steel structure,the crack-stopping performance of different stop-hole shapes is analyzed.Based on the two dimensional finite-element model,the laws of stress distribution and the effects of stress concentration at the edge of stop-holes are compared for different stop-hole shapes.A lumbar round(LR)shape stop-hole(similar to the lane shape)combined with straight line and circle curve is proposed.The crack-stopping effectiveness of the LR stop-hole is further analyzed based on the drilling parameters,and a design method for the LR stop-hole is then established.The results indicate that the stress concentration decreases further when increasing the size of the LR stop-hole or decreasing its radius.And the stress performance of the LR stop-hole can be improved when applying the spiral transition curve at the position of the abrupt curvature,resulting in better crack-stopping effectiveness.


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