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Research on CPS-TPWM strategy for cascaded multilevel inverter(PDF)


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Research on CPS-TPWM strategy for cascaded multilevel inverter
Yang Jianfeng12Yang Hang1Zhao Tian1
1.School of Automation and Electrical Engineering; 2.Key Laboratory of Opto-Technology andIntelligent Control Ministry of Education,Lanzhou Jiaotong University,Lanzhou 730070,China
cascaded multilevel inverters carrier phase shifting technique trapezoidal waves utilization rate of direct current voltage
For the issue of the low utilization rate of direct current(DC)voltage with the traditional multilevel modulation strategy,a carrier phase shifting trapezoidal pulse width modulation(CPS-TPWM)strategy for the cascaded multilevel inverter(CMI)is proposed here.The relation of the trapezoidal wave triangular factor σ with the fundamental amplitude and the harmonic content of the CMI output is deduced based on the mathematical analysis of the carrier phase shifting technique.By choosing the appropriate σ value and making the CMI process possessing the better harmonic performance,the fundamental amplitude of output voltage is greatly improved by the proposed modulation strategy.A three-phase nine-level CMI model is built by the Matlab/Simulink,and the simulation results verify the correctness and the feasibility of the proposed method.


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