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Application of improved adaptive genetic algorithmin mobile robot path planning(PDF)


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Application of improved adaptive genetic algorithmin mobile robot path planning
Wang LeiLi Ming
School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering,Anhui Polytechnic University,Wuhu 241000,China
adaptive genetic algorithm path planning mobile robots artificial potential field
In order to deal with the problem of the slow convergence speed and local optima of the basic genetic algorithm(GA)in solving the robot path planning,an improved adaptive genetic algorithm(IGA)is proposed here.An artificial potential field method is employed to create the initial population,and the adaptive crossover probability and the mutation probability are designed.Meanwhile,a hybrid selection method is adopted to improve the convergence speed and the evolutionary efficiency and overcome the premature phenomenon of the basic genetic algorithm obviously.Some experiments under the grid environment verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the improved adaptive genetic algorithm in mobile robot path planning.


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