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Liner configuration of explosively formed projectile warheadwith large wave shaper(PDF)


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Liner configuration of explosively formed projectile warheadwith large wave shaper
Zu XudongHuang ZhengxiangZhu Chuansheng
School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
explosion mechanism explosively formed projectile warhead liner Mach wave wave shaper
An analytical model for calculating the collapse velocity of a liner element under the impact of Mach wave is proposed based on the characteristics of detonation wave transmitting in a charge embedded wave shaper of explosively formed projectile(EFP)to research the liner configuration.The theoretical results show that,local thickening of the liner top can reduce the collapse velocity of the top element significantly and avoid the damage at the nose of the EFP; the overmuch increment of the thickness of the liner top leads to droplets and hollows,and is adverse to the stability and the penetration capability of the EFP.The simulations reveal that,the EFP initial velocity and length-diameter ratio are barely decreased due to thickening the top of the liner; the thickness increment between 12.5% and 25.0% can inhibit the damage at the nose of the EFP and avoid droplets and hollows.The X-ray results are identical to the simulation results reasonably well.


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