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Non-fragile dissipative filter of nonlinear networked control system(PDF)


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Non-fragile dissipative filter of nonlinear networked control system
Wang Jianfeng1Xie Guangqian2Jiang Shun1Pan Feng1
1.Key Laboratory of Advanced Process Control for Light Industry(Ministry of Education),Jiangnan University,Wuxi 214122,China; 2.School of Computer Information Engineering,Changzhou Institute of Technology,Changzhou 213002,China
nonlinear control system networked control system non-fragile filter dissipative filter linear matrix inequality method
A non-fragile dissipative full-order filter is designed for filter parameter perturbation of nonlinear networked control systems,considering sensor-to-filter random one-step time delays and packet dropouts.The filter parameters have norm bounded uncertainties.A sufficient condition for the existence of the non-fragile dissipative filter is derived by constructing appropriate Lyapunov functions and using linear matrix inequality method.An expression for filter parameters is received by solving matrix inequalities.The proposed filter is non-fragile and reduces the computational burden of the state augmentation,and the filtering error system satisfies the stability and dissipative performance.The effectiveness of the proposed approach is demonstrated by numerical simulation.


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