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Influential factors of spectral characteristics of quasihemispherical CdZnTe detectors(PDF)


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Influential factors of spectral characteristics of quasihemispherical CdZnTe detectors
Zhang YuqianFu Li
Key Laboratory of Radiation Detection Materials and Devices of Ministry of Industry andInformation Technology,Northwestern Polytechnical University,Xi’an 710072,China
CdZnTe quasi hemispheric detectors spectral characteristics finite element software energy resolution peak to Compton ratio
The spectral responses of quasi hemispherical CdZnTe(CZT)detectors to 137Cs@662 keV are simulated using finite element software GEANT4 and COMSOL and the Shockley-Ramo principle to solve the hole tailing problem.The simulation results show that,quasi hemispherical CZT detectors are fit for the(μτ)e of(1~10)×10-3 cm2/V; the value of(μτ)h has less effect on the energy spectrum; when the difference between(μτ)h and(μτ)e is larger,the energy resolution is better,but the hole tailing problem appears gradually with(μτ)h increasing; spectrum characteristics improve with the(μτ)e of CdZnTe and the bias increasing.A quasi hemispherical CdZnTe detector with the size of 10 mm×10 mm×5mm is fabricated based on the theoretical calculation.Its energy resolution for 137Cs@662 keV detector is 1.17%,and the peak to Compton ratio is 6.86.


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