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Numerical simulation of thermocapillary convectionbased on lattice Boltzmann method(PDF)


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Numerical simulation of thermocapillary convectionbased on lattice Boltzmann method
Zhu ChengZheng Lin
School of Energy and Power Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
lattice Boltzmann method thermocapillary convection numerical simulation rectangular cavity double density distribution function
Thermocapillary convection in a differentially heated rectangular cavity is simulated using the double density distribution function based lattice Boltzmann method to study the effect of Prandtl number(Pr)and aspect ratio(Ar).The velocity deviation rate and the deviation temperature are calculated to quantify the influence of the fluctuation of velocity and thermocapillary convection on the temperature distribution.The results show that the thermocapillary convection is enhanced with decreasing Pr(0.1~100)or increasing Ar(0.2~2); the fluctuation of velocity is enhanced and accompanied by the energy accumulation near the cold wall end as flow enhances; the difference in the temperature field is tiny as Pr varies from 10 to 100; the velocity and temperature distributions along the free surface are not sensitive to Ar as Ar≥1.


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