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Fuzzy control method for vibration of strap-down inertial measurement unit(PDF)


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Fuzzy control method for vibration of strap-down inertial measurement unit
Zhang HengRui XiaotingYang FufengZhu WeiTao Yu
Institute of Launch Dynamics,Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing 210094,China
strap-down inertial measurement unit output accuracy damping magnetorheological elastomer switch control fuzzy control
TP13; TJ762
To improve the output accuracy of strap-down inertial measurement unit(SIMU)which is in the compound dynamic environment of missile,according to the characteristics of strong nonlinearity and hysteresis of magnetorheological elastomer,a fuzzy control method for the vibration damping of SIMU is designed. The fuzzy rules of fuzzy control method are based on the experience of switch control. The fuzzy control method automatically adjusts the stiffness and damping of magnetorheological elastomer by changing the current of excitation coil to change the magnetic field,so as to control the vibration response of SIMU and improve the output accuracy of SIMU. Simulation results show that the fuzzy control method works better than the switch control and it solves the problem that the stiffness and damping of SIMU damping system is difficult to be controlled accurately in real time.


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