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Simulation on gas-liquid two-phase heat and mass transfer in corrugated packing in energy tower(PDF)


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Simulation on gas-liquid two-phase heat and mass transfer in corrugated packing in energy tower
Wu HuihuaCao LinWu Jiasheng
School of Energy and Power Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing 210094,China
energy tower reverse flow corrugated packing gas-liquid two phase heat and mass transfer numerical simulation
In order to improve the heat and mass transfer performance of the liquid falling film and the countercurrent gas in the corrugated packing during the heat absorbing process of the energy tower.The heat and mass transfer model of countercurrent gas-liquid in corrugated packing is established based on a detailed analysis.The heat and mass transfer processes with different inlet parameters in the packing are simulated.It is found that compared with the variation of the other gas-liquid inlet parameters,the increase of the inlet gas flow can significantly improve the performance of the energy tower while increasing the heat transfer rate.It is a good method to improve the heat transfer performance of energy tower based on the ability to increase the heat transfer of the gas and liquid to slow down the dilution of the solution.


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