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UWB/GPS combination positioning method(PDF)


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UWB/GPS combination positioning method
Hu Quan1He Tiejun1Jia Tong1Li Ye1Tang Yingjiang2
1.Intelligent Transportation System Research Center,Southeast University,Nanjing 210096,China; 2.China Eastern Airlines Jiangsu Limited,Nanjing 211113,China
ultra wide band positioning global positioning system combined positioning Kalman filter
Aiming at the problem that the low cost civil global positioning system(GPS)positioning accuracy is not high and the high precision positioning technology cost is high,a Ultra Wide Band(UWB)/GPS combination positioning scheme is proposed. The plane coordinates of the motion vector are obtained by the UWB system,and the real-time velocity and azimuth information are obtained by the GPS. Based on the Kalman filter,the trajectory correction algorithm is designed,and the plane coordinates,velocity and azimuth information are used as the observation vector to filter. The positioning accuracy is improved while controlling the cost. UWB positioning experiments and combined positioning experiments are carried out respectively. The results show that the UWB/GPS combination positioning can reduce the cost of the system and meet the need of the precise positioning.


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