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ALOHA algorithm based on distance prediction grouping
Wang Dan1Zhao Kai2
1.School of Electronics and Communication Engineering,Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics,Zhengzhou 450000,China; 2.Department of Police Technology,Railway Police College,Zhengzhou 450000,China
distance prediction grouping internet of things radio frequency identification anti-collision algorithm system throughput ALOHA algorithm
Aiming at the shortcomings of traditional ALOHA algorithm,such as low throughput and large transmission delay,this paper presents an ALOHA algorithm based on distance prediction grouping.Firstly,the distance between tag and reader is estimated according to tag transmission power,and the tags are divided into several groups according to the estimation results; secondly,ALOHA algorithm is used to identify the tags to reduce the collision probability; finally,the simulation experiment is carried out on MATLAB platform.Results show that,compared with other anti-collision algorithms,the proposed algorithm has greatly improved system throughput,and it can effectively reduce average transmission delay,having good practical value.


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